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Hot Water Services

Residential Hot Water Services

Hot water services are essential for every home, to create a comfortable environment for your family. If you require a water heater for your new home or need improvements to your current system, Maroondah Air Services can help.

Whether your home is connected to gas, electricity or uses solar-power, Maroondah Air Services will help you with find the right water heater. When you call our team to assist you with your hot water services, you ensure that you and your family will enjoy convenience and comfort for years to come. Our repair and maintenance services respond promptly to any issues, to ensure minimum interruption to your services.

When you have your hot water services taken care of by Maroondah Air Services, you

  • Get the most suitable system for your home, family and budget
  • Ensure your family gets to enjoy the comfort of reliable hot water services for years to come
  • Can choose an energy efficient model that saves you money

For residential water heaters that meet your needs, speak to Maroondah Air Services today about our installations, repairs and maintenance of hot water systems, as well as gas heating. From Carrier to Fujitsu, we supply and install the world’s leading brands.

Servicing Melbourne’s eastern suburbs like Ferntree Gully, Ringwood and Lilydale, Maroondah Air Services are your local climate control experts.

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Hot Water Services

Commercial Hot Water Services

When you run a commercial operation, be it an office, shop or restaurant, you require a reliable water heater for your business to keep operating as it should.

Maroondah Air Services can assist you with tailored hot water services, no matter if you’re fitting out a new office or need improvements to your current hot water system.

When you install a reliable water heater at your commercial property, you:

  • Ensure your business can function as it should
  • Allow for the comfort and convenience of your customers, clients, guests or patrons
  • Potentially save on your energy bills, if you choose an energy efficient model

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Hot Water Services

Whether you need hot water services for your home or business, Maroondah Air Services will assist you, from choosing the right system to installing it correctly and servicing it as needed. No matter if your home or business is connected to gas or electricity, or even uses solar power, we will be able to suggest a water heater that fits your budget and needs.

Ensure comfort and convenience at your business or home by contacting Maroondah Air Services for quality water heater installations in Melbourne.

Hot Water Service Installation

Incorrect water temperatures, uneven water flow and unreliable water supply are all foreseeable issues, if a hot water system is installed incorrectly.

Our fully licensed and accredited team will ensure your water heater is installed accurately, thereby lasting you for years with minimal repairs or maintenance required.

Get your home or business hooked up to hot water services with the peace of mind that the system will stand the test of time just by contacting Maroondah Air Services, Melbourne’s leading heating and cooling team.

Hot Water Service Repairs & Maintenance

It is easy to take the fundamental role hot water services play in our daily lives for granted. Cooking, cleaning, showering – our daily activities rely on stable hot water services.

Because of this, experts recommend having your water heater serviced every two years for domestic properties and every year for commercial and industrial properties, to keep the system in peak working condition.

Additionally, if you are noticing any particular issues with your water heater, such as loud noises, poor heating of water properly, or leaking, contact Maroondah Air Services immediately for prompt repairs.

Issues with Hot Water Services ?

Some of the common issues we see with Hot Water units are listed below. For any issues with your Hot Water system give us a call.

My water heater is leaking

Inspect the point where your cold water inlet and hot water outlet pipes connect to the water heater. If the leak is coming from this point, all you need to do is tighten the loose connection with a pipe wrench. Also check your drain valve at the bottom of the tank to ensure it is tightly closed.

My water heater is not hot enough

Check for sediment build-up in the tank. Also inspect your thermal switch, thermostat and heating element for errors.

There is not enough hot water

If you have a gas water heater, check to see if the gas control valve is working. Another reason you may keep running out of hot water is because your hot water needs may have increased, or you have moved into a home where previous residents only required a small water tank which does not meet your current needs.

The water pressure is low or keeps changing

Verify that your water heater’s shut-off valve is completely open. If the valve is closed even slightly, it can affect your water pressure.

The water is rusty or dirty

A corroded pipe could be to blame for this issue. Call Maroondah Air Services to get your water heater cleaned up or repaired.

The hot water system is making strange sounds

A crackling, popping or rumbling sound could be as a result of sediment build-up. Try a deliming mixture to clean the tank, then drain the water heater to see if this fixes the problem. If it does not, or you are experiencing other strange noises, call Maroondah Air Services today.

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