Issues with Evaporative Cooling units?

Some of the common issues we see with Evaporative Cooling units are listed below. For any issues with your Evaporative Cooling system give us a call.

My evaporative cooler won’t turn on

Check to see if your evaporative cooler’s fuse or breaker has tripped, and see if you can restart it. If this doesn’t solve the problem, contact Maroondah Air Services.

My cooler’s controller has no display

This is usually caused by an electrical or wiring issue, for which it’s best to call our expert repairers.

My evaporative cooler smells

When you’ve just installed a brand new evaporative cooler, it is normal for it to emit smells in the beginning.

However, if it’s emitting a burning smell, this could indicate an electrical issue or a problem with the cooler’s fan. Alternative, if your evaporative cooler is emitting a musty smell instead, it could be because of water not draining properly or the pad deteriorating.

In either case, call Maroondah Air Services, the experts in evaporative coolers.

I have water running down my roof

There are numerous reasons why the outdoor element of your evaporative cooler could be leaking. Due to the location of the problem, it’s best to call in the professionals for a solution.

I have no air coming into house

This is likely as a result of a problem with the fans or duct-work, and can be easily remedied by a Maroondah Air Services technician.

My evaporative cooler is very noisy

If your evaporative cooler is making rattling or hissing noises, it is possible that a part may have come loose. If you cannot identify anything that you could possibly tighten yourself, contact Maroondah Air Services for a thorough inspection.

How often do I have to service my evaporative cooler?

It is recommended to have your evaporative cooler serviced every 2-3 years.