Issues with Gas Log Fires?

Some of the common issues we see with Gas Log Fires units are listed below. For any issues with your Gas Log Fires system give us a call.

Are gas log fires available in LPG or just natural gas?

Gas log fires are available with both LPG and natural gas, according to what is most appropriate for your home or commercial property.

Are gas log fires safe?

Like any form of gas heating, gas log fires require regular servicing to ensure ongoing safety. When compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces, gas log fires are in fact safer, as there is no open flame or sparks.

My pilot light won’t turn on

Check to see if any debris has built up at the tip of the pilot light and that you have enough gas in your tank.

Help! Soot is building up in my gas log fire!

A primary cause of soot building up is due to the gas logs having shifted from their intended position. Clean the fire logs and doors and put the logs back into the exact position specified by the product manufacturer.

My gas fireplace won’t turn on

Check to see if your pilot light is lit, and reignite it if it has blown out. If this does not get your gas fireplace working again, contact Maroondah Air Services for a thorough diagnosis and correction of the problem.

How often should I have my gas log fire serviced?

According to Energy Safe Victoria, all forms of gas heating should be serviced every two years. Maroondah Air Services provide regular gas fireplace servicing exactly when you need it, taking the worry off your mind.