Issues with Gas Cooking Appliances?

Some of the common issues we see with Gas Cooking units are listed below. For any issues with your Gas Cooking system give us a call.

My stove burner won’t light

Try cleaning built-up food debris from your burner. If this doesn’t work, it may be necessary to replace the igniter, for which you’ll need to call Maroondah Air Services.

My oven isn’t heating up

Your oven’s igniter is likely to be at fault. Call Maroondah Air Services for a quick resolution to the issue.

I can smell gas when using my appliances

Stop using your gas appliances and call Maroondah Air Services for assistance immediately. A gas leak can be a potentially dangerous situation, and one where you need prompt service from our expert team.

My food isn’t cooking evenly in the oven

The bake or broil elements of your oven may be to blame. To test if this is the case, preheat the oven and see if both bottom and top elements are glowing red hot. If not, or if they do but your problem persists, contact Maroondah Air Services.

My stove’s burner flame is weak

Clean the burner to ensure that food debris is not causing a blockage, and ensure that the burner is sitting firmly as it should. If this does not fix the issue, get in touch with Maroondah Air Services.

My oven isn’t reaching the right temperature

Your oven’s selector switch or thermostat may be to blame. Check to see if the thermostat is sticking or defective: if you suspect this is the case, get expert help from our team.